Fan Assemblies

Automotive fan assemblies work to transfer air hot or cold, depending on need from one side of your cars radiator to the other. This air then passes through a heat sources or over coolant-cooled tubes out to the air conditioning system of a car.

Where is the Fan Assembly, and What Exactly is it?

An important part of any cars cooling operations is a radiator fan. Almost all types of motor vehicles on the road today use an electric radiator fans that assists mere highway breeze to help reduce the heat built up in the cars radiator. Of course this helps regulate the heat of the cars engine to keep it running smooth and strong.

The engine temperatures rises as a car runs longer. This is a natural result from the burning of gasoline and the friction of pistons and other pertinent moving parts of a combustion engine. Of course there is an optimum temperature with which all cars operate. Complex car cooling systems help to regulate temperature with sensitive gauges and other devices. As explained earlier, coolant is pumped through the engine block, where it heats up the most. The fluid then moves ahead now heated up and goes back to the radiator. This is where the radiator fan comes in. The auto radiator fan runs cool air over the tubes and fins of the radiator and enables a fresh batch of cool coolant to begin the cycle of cooling the engine block down once again.

Auto radiator fans can be found in one of two places. Most commonly, you'll see them affixed to the front of the radiator in order to drive new cool air right through the radiator. In fewer instances, you'll see an auto radiator fan mounted just behind the radiator to suck the super heated air away from the radiator. They come in manual, which is directly attached to the cars motor and electrical, which runs independently of the motor. Most contemporary cars manufactured today utilize the electric radiator fan because it is regulated by special sensors that know when to turn on the fan at key moments, thus saving energy when not in use. Both the electrical and manual automotive radiator fan use a strong metal housing and fan. Of course the electrical version includes a small motor to keep it running.

Radiator Fan Malfunction

Radiator fans, like all other moving parts on a car, do and will malfunction. Auto radiator fans take a lot of wear and tear and are heated up regularly, which breaks their structure down. Also, the ball bearings that enable the blade to rotate on an auto radiator fan can lose grease and seize altogether. Sometimes the alignment of the fan blade may be off and it will collide with the radiator fan housing and stop. If you notice that the fan seems to stop intermittently or your cars temperature gauge shows that the engine is running hot regularly, give us a call to see about getting a new replacement auto radiator fan.

Do you think that your car needs a new radiator fan assembly?

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